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Evolutive Pants : What are they!?

Introduction to Evolutive Pants

There's good chance, if you are here now, that you may already have some basics on what our Evolutive Pants for babies are. Else you might be interested to know more. You are at the right place ! 


What is an Evolutive Pant ?

An evolutive pant is basically a pant/bottom that has extra fabric at the waist and bottom with a 4 way stretch fabric (95% Cotton and 5% Lycra). 

This pant will evolve with your baby as your young one grows. On average, it will fit from 6 month to 3 years  for our regular(toddler, infant) pant and 0m to 12 months for our newborn model. These were also called maxaloones, miniloones and grow-with-me pants.

Why buy an Evolutive Pant from Coton Vanille

Cost efficient:
  • Why would you spend top dollars on a pant that might fit 1 month because of baby growing too fast all the time ?
  • You have more than 1 baby? You don't need to go out with the whole wardrobe anymore :). 1 Size for your baby, infant and toddler! 
  • The extra fabric at the top and bottom will allow your baby to stay warm and comfy all the time. No more skin showing! 

Comfortable :

  • No matter what diaper's type you use, our extensible and comfortable fabric will allow him to stay comfortable. We added a little bit more fabric around the bum to allow him to be comfortable with any type of diaper and still having a fashionable pant !




We have unisex, girls and boys models. Please check our lookbook or evolutive section for more ideas!






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